SCB : Serial Communication Bus

SCB : Serial Communication Bus

ROB : Robotics

  • Introduction

    Degree of Freedom

    Do it yourself kit

  • DC Motor

    Applications of DC Motor in Robotics

    Theory of DC Motor

    Hardware and Software Interface of DC Motor

    Demonstration of DC Motor on Robotic Kit

  • Stepper Motor

    Theory of Stepper Motor

    Hardware and software Interface of Stepper Motor

    Demonstration of Stepper Motor on Robotic Kit

    Applications of Stepper Motor

  • Servo Motor

    Theory of Servo Motor

    Hardware and Software Interface of Servo Motor

    Applications of Servo Motor

    Demonstration of Servo Motor on Robotic Kit

  • Sensors

    Theory of various Sensors

    Hardware and Software Interface of Touch and Light Sensor

    Applications of Sensors

    Demonstration of Sensors on Robotic Kit.

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