RTOS : Real Time Operating System

RTOS : Real Time Operating System

  • Define Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

  • Comparison between normal (traditional) OS and Real Time OS

  • Why RTOS is required in Embedded systems

  • How RTOS helps to increase the scalability

  • Basic architecture

  • Types and features

  • Hard time systems

  • Real time kernels

  • Multitasking techniques

  • Real time scheduling

  • Interrupts service routine (ISR)

  • Shared Resources

  • Preemptive and non preemptive kernels

  • Priority and its inversion

  • Interrupt latency

  • Kernel initialization

  • Semaphores management

  • Designing RTOS scheduler.

  • Implementation of Debug code and use of Debug as a tool

  • Designing & Implementation of RTOS code on 8051 system.