VLSI Design

VLSI Design

EDA Tools (Back End VLSI)
  • Overview of VLSI Systems

  • Basic CMOS Structure

  • CMOS Fabrication

  • VLSI Process, VLSI Design

  • VLSI design Rules & System Layout

  • Introduction of EDA Tools for VLSI

  • Using EDA Tools for VLSI

Hardware Description Language :VHDL(Front End VLSI)

  • Introduction

  • Structural VHDL

  • Behavioral VHDL

  • RTL Code

  • Data Type

  • VHDL Library Management

  • VHDL Simulation & Synthesis Flow

  • VHDL Library Management

  • VHDL synthesizable code for Logic Components (Combinational & Sequential)

  • Delay Simulation

  • Timing Analysis

  • Test Bench Creation

  • FPGA Synthesis
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